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Mrs. Suhre's Teacher Page

Welcome to Mrs. Suhre's Page 

Book 2       


IMPORTANT UPDATE: Classes will be a little different while everyone is in remote learning. We will have specific class times in the morning. There will be times when an assignment will be all that is required, which may include a video that you should watch before completing the assignment. There will also be a Google Meet scheduled daily during this time. The reason for having a meeting set up each day is so that you can ask questions and get help on assignments. Remember that there will be due dates and you should make sure you are getting things turned in on time. Turning your assignments in on time and attending the mandatory meetings will be your participation grade while we are all on remote learning. Below is the schedule for the classes, which is in line with our noon dismissal schedule. I am also available throughout the day to answer any questions via email. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. 2nd Hour - Writing - 8:48 - 9:13 3rd Hour - English II - 9:16 - 9:41 4th Hour - English III - 9:44 - 10:09 5th Hour - English I - 10:12 - 10:37 6th Hour - Geography - 10:40-11:05 (I will have a meeting to answer any questions about work) 7th Hour - Resource - 11:08 - 11:33 (I will have the meeting to assist with any work) 8th Hour - Resource - 11:36 - 12:00 (I will have the meeting to assist with any work)



All assignments will be posted in Google Classroom. I will also communicate any information through Google Classroom. Any meetings that need to take place for remote learning will be done through Google Meet. I am also available to all students via email and will try to respond as soon as possible, but please keep in mind that there may be times when I am unavailable because I am teaching a class or assisting another student.


Remote Learning

All assignments and communication will be placed in Google Classroom at the time the class is scheduled to meet for in person learning. Beginning Tuesday, September 8 there will be new expectations for remote learners. There will be a Google Meet daily during your scheduled class time. You should have received an email invitation to your recurring meeting. The expectations for these meetings are:

1) Enter the class at the beginning of your scheduled time.

2) Video is expected to be be on.

3)  Participate when called upon or during class discussion.

4) You must remain in the meeting until the end of the class period or until dismissed by the teacher.

5) Follow all of the guidelines outlined in the district information that was sent out on Sept. 3 regarding remote learning.

  A Google Meet will also be scheduled from 2:45-3:15 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays for any student that needs assistance with assignments. This meeting will be open to all classes and students. I am also available through email if something comes up outside that timeframe or if something needs to be addressed privately. I will also schedule individual meetings as necessary.

Writing   8:55 - 9:27

English II   9:30 - 10:02

English III   10:05 - 10:37

English I   10:40 - 11:12

7th Hour Resource   12:23 - 12:55

8th Hour Resource   12:58-1:30


Contact Information 

School Phone: 742-3151 Ext. 227

E-mail: fsuhre@winchesterschools.net


The best way to contact me this year is through e-mail. I check my e-mail periodically throughout the day. If you need to call, you can leave a voicemail on my school extension and I will call you back as soon as possible, but it will likely be the end of the school day.


Mrs. Suhre's Website


The link above will take you to my Google website. There you will find information about the classes I teach, including the course syllabus and the activities/assignments for the week on my Plan Book. The information found in my Plan Book will be updated weekly on Fridays for the coming week. Please note that plans may change due to a variety of reasons, but I will try to keep them as accurate as possible.


Daily Schedule

Time Subject
8:20-9:02 Prep
9:05-9:47 Writing/Speech
9:50-10:32 English II
10:35-11:17 English III
11:20-12:02 English I
12:02-12:32 Lunch
12:35-1:17 Geography with Mrs. Barnett
1:20-2:02 Resource
2:05-2:47 Resource
2:50-3:20 Advisory