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Winchester Schools

High School

Welcome to Dr. Coonrod's Homepage

Contact information:  Phone 217-742-3151 Ext. 211  Email ccoonrod@winchesterschools.net STUDENTS - due to the school closure from March 16 - 30, 2020, I will be sending home packets and posting assignments . . .

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Archaeological Mapping

  Students in my archeology class have been learning how to map to scale. They quickly mastered mapping feature top plans at a 1 to 2 scale (I created these on the floor with masking tape), and next they mapped profiles of features . . .

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Dr. Coonrod's Science Classes - "Bubbles"

  Regular bubbles aren't usually scary, In fact, they are pretty adorable. But THESE bubbles are actually perfect for Halloween. These are Boo-bubbles. They are made with dry ice, water, and a soap. Boo-bubbles demonstrate . . .

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     Students in my Anthropology/Archeology class took a trip to the Old School Museum to learn about Winchester's rich pre-historic and historic past. Students undertook a scavenger hunt in the museum, and . . .

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Chemistry I Class: Physical and Chemical Changes Lab

  Student's in my Chemistry I class have been discussing how physical changes differ from chemical changes. Physical changes involve a change of one or more physical properties. Chemical changes involve changes in the . . .

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  Students in my Physics class listened to guest speaker Corey Mason talk about his extensive knowledge of bridge engineering. Mason is a Winchester High School alum and is a professional engineer (PE) and structural . . .

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Dr. Coonrod's Archeology Class

    Students in my Archeology class are learning how to make a sketch map of an archeological site in a lab called "Sketch Mapping Madness." Every map must have a scale to allow the reader to translate the sizes . . .

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