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Reminder to self-certify your student(s) every school day. - Thank you.

Winchester Schools

Please remember to keep address/phone numbers updated with the school.

  • Board of Education approves School District Reorganization Feasibility Study

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  • CrisisGo Self Certification






    The special COVID-19 pre-visit certification process to protect our students and staff is ready (CrisisGo). THIS MUST BE COMPLETED EVERY MORNING BEFORE YOUR CHILD CAN GET ON A BUS AND/OR ENTER INTO THE BUILDING!!!!!!


    *You will receive an EMAIL (one email for each child) every morning at 6:00 am.  This is where you have to go to certify your child. 


    *When you open the EMAIL, you will need to click on the BLUE RECTANGLE that says “Report”.


    *The Student Pre-Visit Self-Certification page will have ONE question which you answer either YES, my child is free of those listed symptoms or NO, my child has at least one those listed symptoms.  


    *By answering YES to the question, you are certifying your child is not experiencing symptoms or had direct contact with a COVID positive individual.


    --At this time there is no app to use-- the parent EMAIL you gave us during registration is where the email will be sent. (If the email address needs changed, call the school office or Mrs. Coon)


    *****If your child is staying with someone other than the email recipient, they need to certify your child by using the link provided on the school website OR  https://checkin.crisisgo.net/tools/safetycheckin/#/loginByStudent   


              (CrisisGo - is on the website under Quicklinks)

    Log In: students school email address they have been using for remote learning

    (EXAMPLE would be) s####@winchesterschools.net

    Password: 123


    Reminder: If your child is sick and not coming to school, you still need to call the appropriate school office to report the absence. 

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  • Remote Learners Update 9-3-20




    149 South Elm Street

    Winchester, Illinois 62694

    Kevin Blankenship                             Andy Stumpf                          Denny Vortman    

    Superintendent                                  WGS Principal                           WHS Principal

    Dear Students and Parents,


    In order to better serve our students, Winchester Schools will be making a change to the structure of remote learning.  Instruction will now be provided in a live, synchronous format for students who are learning at home.  This will provide the opportunity for remote learners to participate in class discussions and lessons.  Remote learning students must be present on google meet during designated class times and attendance will be taken.  This change to remote learning will begin on Tuesday, September 8th.  


    All remote learning students will now be required to participate in live classes: 

    • Winchester Schools will be utilizing live streaming/recording of in-person instruction, which may include class discussions and student participation.  
    • Access will only be provided to students in the class.  
    • When accessing live streaming lessons and/or utilizing recorded lessons, it is the expectation of students that information learned about other students should be maintained in a confidential manner.  Just like when students are present for in-person learning.  
    • The recording and/or distribution of instructional videos/material is strictly prohibited.  


    Attendance will be taken throughout the day:

    • Kindergarten - 5th grade students must be present during designated teacher instruction times.  Classroom teachers will share schedules with students (and parents) for their classes.
    • JH/HS students must be present for live instruction the entire class period unless dismissed by the teacher (see class times below).
    • PE, Art, Music and Pre-K classes and elementary library will not be live at WGS.


    HS Class Times                                                 JH Class Times

    1st        8:20-8:52                                              1st      8:10-8:50

    2nd      8:55-9:27                                                 2nd     8:50-9:45

    3rd      9:30-10:02                                             3rd     9:45-10:40

    4th       10:05-10:37                                            4th     10:40-11:00 (lunch, PE, WIN)

    5th       10:40-11:12                                            5th     11:00-11:20 (lunch, PE, WIN)

    6th       11:15 - 11:47                                          6th     11:20-11:40 (lunch, PE, WIN)

    Lunch  11:50-12:20                                           7th     11:40-12:25

    7th       12:23 - 12:55                                          8th     12:25-1:10

    8th       12:58 - 1:30 


    We fully believe this change will greatly benefit student learning.  If you have any questions, please call Mr. Stumpf at 217-742-9551 or Mr. Vortman at 217-742-3151.


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  • Wifi Access

    Thanks to our community supporters for offering free wifi to our students during remote learning days.  Please be respectful of the property and others when utilizing the services.

    Student WiFi Access


    LOCATION                                              PASSWORD



    Manchester City Hall                    2173704952


    Manchester Baptist Church            mbcfamily


    Alsey Baptist Church                        c175551e


    Glasgow Christian Church             none needed         (Netgear Guest)           


    Riggston Sloan Implement            g0gr33n!

       *after hours - park in east lot


    Winchester Grade School            none needed

    (park near main office)

    (WiFi name = WCUSD 1 Guest)

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