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WHS is having SPIRIT week Oct. 26 - 30, 2020. See Facebook for more information.

Winchester Schools

Please remember to keep address/phone numbers updated with the school.

  • Hazardous Bus Routes Y21




    2020-2021 Hazardous Weather Bus Routes

    Winchester Community Unit School District No. 1


    Announcements will be made by the School Messenger automated notification system by 6:45 AM.  The garage telephone number is 742-5260.  Your assistance is appreciated.


    THE AFTERNOON ROUTE WILL DELIVER STUDENTS TO THE SAME PICK-UP POINT THE MORNING ROUTE COVERED.  Therefore, even if road conditions improve, the bus will make the same scheduled stops for both the morning and afternoon routes.  Students are welcome to ride the bus that comes closest to your home or the one you can most easily reach via a cleared road.



    Bus #4                        Jim Bruns

    Leave bus garage at 7:20 AM traveling west on Route 106 to Sand Road at 7:35 AM.  Back to the Hillview Blacktop, then turning around at Moore Road at 7:50, returning to Route 106.  At Moore / Hoots Roads intersection with Route 106 by 7:55 AM.  Back to school via Main Street, picking up along the way.


    Bus #5                        Julie Short

    Leave bus garage at 7:15 AM, traveling south on Route 106 to Manchester Park via the Alsey-Manchester blacktop.  Leave Park at 7:40 am, returning to school via the same route, picking up along the way back to Winchester.


    Bus #6                        Sue Gutmann           

    Leave bus garage at 7:15 AM, traveling south on Route 106 to Manchester Park via Alsey-Manchester Blacktop.  Leave Manchester Park at 7:40, picking up along Alsey-Manchester Blacktop and then to Alsey Park.  Then back to school via Route 106, picking up along the way.


    Bus #8                        Frannie Suhre

    Leave bus garage at 7:25 AM, heading south on Route 106 to Pleasant Hill Church at 7:35. Back to Alsey at 7:40 AM, then to Glasgow via Alsey-Glasgow Road.  Leave at 7:45 AM, and return to school via Winchester-Glasgow Road.


    Bus #9                          Rusty Monroe

    Leave bus garage at 7:30 AM heading through Riggston on old Highway 36. picking up along the highway.  Then to Merritt, picking up at Merritt stop sign.  Leave Merritt at 7:50, then back to school picking up along highway and Main Street.  


    Bus #10                      Lester Turner

    Leave bus garage at 7:25 AM.  Travel down Woodson blacktop, picking up along the blacktop and arriving at Hart School at 7:35 AM, and then on to Frontage Road picking up along the way.  Back to Hart School at 7:40 and back to school via Route 106, picking up along the way.



    *Special Education and Pre-Kindergarten routes will run the same schedule as usual.




    Hazardous Bus Routes FY21.pdf

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  • WHS Spirit Week - Oct. 26 - 30, 2020


         Winchester High School Spirit Week - check back daily for more photos to be added


    Monday - 10/26 - Decades Day & Hallway Decorating











    Day 2 - Disney Day

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  • Pat Fundraising App Information



    PAT Fundraising App Directions




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    CUSD#1 is now operating under the Summer Food Service Program as of September 1st through the end of the school year. (May 2021)  This program offers free meals to all students at no charge.  This includes breakfast and lunch.  We were notified that we would be able to extend the Summer Food Service Program from the Nationwide Waiver that was released.  We hope that many families will take advantage of this opportunity for their child(ren). 

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  • Wifi Access

    Thanks to our community supporters for offering free wifi to our students during remote learning days.  Please be respectful of the property and others when utilizing the services.

    Student WiFi Access


    LOCATION                                              PASSWORD



    Manchester City Hall                    2173704952


    Manchester Baptist Church            mbcfamily


    Alsey Baptist Church                        c175551e


    Glasgow Christian Church             none needed         (Netgear Guest)           


    Riggston Sloan Implement            g0gr33n!

       *after hours - park in east lot


    Winchester Grade School            none needed

    (park near main office)

    (WiFi name = WCUSD 1 Guest)

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