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AR Information


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Students will not be given an AR goal for a grade or as an assignment, but they are given goals as extra credit.  This is also an opportunity to earn PBIS/House points.  Every Wednesday in the junior high, 1st period is set aside for silent reading time. 

All of my students are required to complete a book study project each quarter.  They must read a novel that is worth 3 AR points or higher.  If it isn't an AR book they must get my approval before choosing it for their book study.  They have a packet of information that must be completed as they read the novel.  This is turned in one week before the end of each quarter. 

Reading is the best way to expand one's knowledge, so I highly encourage reading at any available opportunity.  Students should be prepared to read independently in my class and have a book with them at all times.  Though my library isn't large, there are plenty of other teachers from whom they may borrow books and the public library is an option, as well.  There are also online options available that I encourage so that students can read both at school and at home. This year students are allowed to use their phones if they have a reading app for digital books. 


Accelerated Reader Color Chart

0.0 – 2.0                Red

2.1 – 2.5                White

2.6 – 3.0                Black

3.1 – 3.3                Blue

3.4 – 3.6                Yellow

3.7 – 4.0                Orange

4.1 – 4.3                Green

4.4 – 4.7                Pink

4.8 – 5.1                Tan

5.2 – 5.5                Violet

5.6 – 5.9                Neon Green

6.0 – 6.3                Hot pink

6.4 – 6.7                Aqua

6.8 – 7.2                Salmon

7.2 and higher        Periwinkle