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Classroom Rules

August 30, 2017


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Entering the Classroom 


Teacher Instruction 


Independent Work


Group Work


Exiting the classroom


Arrive on time

Enter quietly

Have 2 sharpened pencils

Have your AR Book (and Novel if applicable)

Get right to work

Voices off

Ears ready to listen

Eyes ready to watch

Body positioned toward the teacher

Be prepared with materials needed to complete assignment/ 



Be prepared with materials needed to complete the assignment/   


Pick up everything at your desk that belongs to you

Throw away any trash

Line up quietly

Wait for the teacher to dismiss you from the classroom


Use an indoor voice

Keep hands/feet to yourself 

Follow classroom rules

Voices off

Ears listening

Eyes watching

Raise your hand to speak

Voices off

Work on your  own, not sharing answers with classmates

Raise your hand for help

Whisper to your partner(s)

Let others speak 

Respect each other’s ideas

Keep hands and feet to yourself

Inside voice

Walking feet


Be polite and kind to your classmates

Do your best work on bellwork

Think about the lesson

Actively listening

Actively watching

Participate in discussion

Follow all directions

Stay on task

Use time wisely

Turn in work to the turn-in tray

Take turns

Listen to others 

Be ready to answer questions and 

participate (do your part)

Watch out for other students

Let younger students go first

On the right side of the hall

Keep hands/feet to self


Enter with a positive attitude

Be an active participant in the learning process

Complete tasks to the best of your  ability 

Complete tasks to the best of your ability

Exit with a positive attitude 

Empowered Educators 

Greet students with a smile and positive attitude 

Provide positive reinforcement and ask questions 

Encourage students to do their best 

Differentiate instruction 


Teach to each student

Provide positive reinforcement