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Late Homework Policy


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Late Homework Policy


  • Homework loses 10% for every day an assignment is late.
  • Homework is considered late if it is turned any time AFTER it was collected in class.
  • I will accept late homework until the test for reduced credit.


For example: Terry does not have his 10-point homework assignment done when he comes to class. We finish class that day with a little time to spare and Terry turns it in five minutes before the bell rings to dismiss class. The assignment will be accepted as 10% late even though it is the same day. If Terry waits to turn it in at the beginning of class the next day, it could lose 20% of its original value.


Another example: On Thursday, Lindsay left her 20-point homework assignment at home that was due Thursday in class. She remembers to bring the assignment to class on Friday. All of Lindsay’s answers were correct, but since it is one day late, she receives 18 points out of 20.


  • I will stop the point deductions once the assignment becomes worth only 50% of the total grade. As important as it is to submit your homework on time, I believe it is more important that you complete it, so I still want you to have an incentive to do your work even if it is already late.


So let’s imagine it has been a week since Lindsay’s 20-point homework assignment was due. All of her answers were correct, but since the assignment is so late that it is worth only 50%, she receives 10 points out of 20.


Late Homework Policy 2021 2022.pdf