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Team Building in PE

By Davis, Megan

October 16, 2019


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This activity was led by Sergeant Taylor Pettigrew of the US Army. 


The activity was for team building - the students had to come up with a way to get their team from one side of the obstacle to the other without ringing the bell (attached to the wires in that white rectangle) if they hit the wires the bell would ring, they would have to start over and do 10 push ups. 


All students today came up with many different strategies which allowed them all to work together to solve the problem/task at hand. 


For 8th hour we split the kids up between boys and girls. The girls used a very unique strategy involving cheer baskets which allowed them to walk across each other to get to the other side. Photo includes Zoe Evans, Kailey Whicker, Cali Fox, Sydney Elliott, and Zaylei Evans as the base with Danette Strang walking across them. 


The boys used another strategy which included carrying one another like a baby and then tossing them to the other side.... 


Based off the photos you can tell which worked better.  