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District Remote Learning Plan


Remote Learning Plan



  • All students will have opportunities for continued learning that focuses on critical standards
  • District will work to minimize instructional loss 
  • Students and families will be given routines and structures to ensure they stay connected to schools and learning.



  1. All students and families should have access to quality educational materials and to the supports needed to successfully access those materials.
  2. Given the reality of the digital divide, our schools will provide digital and non-digital access to content.
  3. Students will have access to meaningful/high-quality educational materials that align to state standards.
  4. It is imperative that students and schools/teachers maintain a personal connection that supports necessary, rigorous academic work in a manner that is respectful of students’ contexts (their mindset, feelings, responsibilities, etc.).
  5.  Simplicity is best during this time -- simplicity of the framework, of communication structures, of expectations.
  6. We will support the whole child -- their mental health, nutritional needs, and safety needs.
  7. Parents will have access to clear information and ample resources.
  8. Teachers will get needed support, encouragement, and compassion to ensure their success and resilience.


Content Delivery

Non-digital learning materials should include information that, when possible, includes multiple modes of representation of content (e.g., text, diagrams, graphic organizers, large print, manipulatives, maps and illustrations) to help students and parents grasp previous content.  Remote learning resources and materials, including library books, etc., will be made available at food pickup sites or school building at designated times.

Teachers using digital learning will provide the various resources, with explanations on when and how to use those resources. Teachers will use a combination of technology and media in the creation and delivery of content. Teachers will consider ways to use available technologies to increase the number discussion groups in which students can collaborate and respond to individual ideas. Teachers may monitor, prompt, and cue the students’ work and provide ongoing feedback.  


Student Engagement

We expect students to be engaged with their teacher and learning opportunities on a regular basis.  Student engagement time per day will fall between 1-4 hours depending on grade level.


Assessment & Feedback

Teachers will provide feedback, assess student progress and learning, and communicate this to student and parents.  The district will adopt the principle of no educational harm to any child during remote learning.


Teacher Engagement

Staff are expected to be engaged with students on daily basis.  Teachers will communicate their availability to students and parents enrolled in their classes.  Teachers are expected to connect with every student at least once per week and are encouraged to connect as often as needed or possible.


Special Education

During this time, students with special needs and IEPs will be given the opportunity to continue with learning that is consistent for all students. This learning will be based on the individual IEP.  The district will continue to provide all services when possible.  Any modifications will be determined by the team and with parental involvement.



The district and staff will communicate all plans to students, parents, and community stakeholders via social media (Webpage & Facebook), other teacher driven notification, and district wide notifications.



The district staff will work with students and families upon returning to normal school operations.  Student grades and credits will be determined as recommended through state level guidance of no student should be harmed academically.  Staff will develop individual and class level transition plans to address specific priorities determined by the district.