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SEL 6th Grade Dance Party


Dance party in the 6th grade SEL classes.

The set up for this is that we have spent this week doing some questions that evoke engaging discussion as a way to get to know each other better. On Wednesday, I asked if the students would rather sing in front of a million people or dance in front of a million people? We had a great discussion brainstorming reasons why we might be afraid or embarrassed to do either one and then we talked about narrowing down our fears to what the real reason was for why we may be nervous to do something. If we can find the root of our fear, it may be easier to do something about it.

Then I teased the kids and said that we would be getting to the root of our singing and dancing fears later in the week. Of course, then they were all in a tizzy wondering what I was going to make them do, but I kept it a secret.

On Friday, I played a YouTube video of Shakira's song "Waka Waka" but it was from the Just Dance video game. If you are not familiar with it, here's the link:


I told the kids to stand up and they could attempt the dance moves if they wanted or they could do their own moves. They could also just watch.

The pictures tell the tale! It was so amazingly awesome! The laughter, the team building as they worked together to build a human bicycle (which is part of the dance moves!) ...all of it was so fun!

Just look at the kids' faces! They are having so much fun and just enjoying each other!

Mrs. Kalli Fuhler, SEL Teacher