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AR Information


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AR is done on a quarterly basis now.  A student will be assigned AR as a first hour class.  If he or she does not have AR on his or her schedule, then they do NOT need to meet any AR goals. It will not be part of the students' language arts grade this year. 

Reading is the best way to expand one's knowledge, however, so I encourage reading at any available opportunity.  Students should be prepared to read in my class and have a book with them at all times.  Though my library isn't large, there are plenty of other teachers from whom they may borrow books and the library is an option, as well.  I will be doing my best to build a junior high leveled library throughout the next few years: donations are encouraged!


Accelerated Reader Color Chart

0.0 – 2.0                Red

2.1 – 2.5                White

2.6 – 3.0                Black

3.1 – 3.3                Blue

3.4 – 3.6                Yellow

3.7 – 4.0                Orange

4.1 – 4.3                Green

4.4 – 4.7                Pink

4.8 – 5.1                Tan

5.2 – 5.5                Violet

5.6 – 5.9                Neon Green

6.0 – 6.3                Hot pink

6.4 – 6.7                Aqua

6.8 – 7.2                Salmon

7.2 and higher        Periwinkle