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Classroom Rules

August 30, 2017


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Mrs. Maul's Classroom Rules

1. Be Respectful

  • Remember your manners.
  • Use “please,” “thank you,” and “excuse me.”
  • Ask to use things that belong to others.
  • Wait your turn.
  • Raise your hand QUIETLY and wait to be called on before talking.
  • Always remember to be HONEST, FAIR, and THOUGHTFUL!

2. Be Responsible

  • Take care of school property: we want it to last!
  • Use your time wisely.
  • Do what you are asked the first time it is asked of you.
  • Always try your best!
  • Pick up after yourself and others.

3. Be Safe

  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
  • Walk in the classrooms, bathrooms, and hallways.
  • Push in your chair when you leave your seat.
  • Keep all four legs of your chair on the floor when sitting.
  • Use school materials properly.


If we can remember these important expectations we are sure to have a great school year!