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Class Schedule

by Tara Moore


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Our Kindergarten Day--Mrs. Moore--K1 Time Activity We are learning... 8:10-8:30 (The bell rings at 8:20) Morning Work, attendance, lunch count, parent notes, departure changes are addressed Students will be practicing letter and number formation, colors, counting, cutting and coloring in the lines. As the year progresses, we will add reading and math review activities. 8:30-9:00 Morning meeting Restroom Break We learn math and language skills through calendar activities. We build our oral language, phonics, and phonemic awareness. 9:00-9:40 Math Workshop The teacher will provide math lessons to the whole group. Students will then practice these particular skills with a partner and again individually. New skills are introduced during this time. 9:40-9:50 Math Journals Students will show what they know and solve math word problems in their math journals. These word problems are given spirally, so previously taught skills can be reinforced. 9:50-10:20 Math Stations Students work individually or with a partner to complete math tasks. These are generally review tasks. They are highly engaging, so the students LOVE Them! The teacher will be providing individual or small group instruction at this time. 10:20-10:40 Phonemic Awareness and Read Aloud The teacher leads the students in a fast paced, interactive, spiralled set of lessons, based on the Heggerty Model. The teacher reads to the class. 10:45-11:30 Lunch and Recess Students eat lunch in the cafeteria, and weather permitting, go outside for recess. 11:30-11:55 Writer’s Workshop Students learn handwriting and letter formation, while reinforcing letter sounds. The teacher will also provide writing lessons that will guide the students as they make meaning in their illustrations and writing composition. 12:00-12:40 Reader’s Workshop and interactive writing The teacher will provide whole group reading lessons that guide the students as they make meaning of the books they listen to and the books they read on their own. Students will learn the mechanics and conventions of writing as they respond to text. 12:40-12:55 Content Area Studies Students will learn science and social studies content during this time. Often times the texts selected during reader’s workshop will support the content being discussed during content area studies. 1:oo-1:25 Physical Education Students will go to the gym for activities with Mrs. Eisenhauer. 1:25-1:40 Snack Time Students partake in milk and small snack. 1:30-2:20 Guided Reading and literacy stations The teacher will pull small reading groups in order to provide reading instruction, reteaching and reinforcement at each student’s individual ability. The students not meeting with the teacher will be practicing literacy skills individually or with a partner. 2:20-2:30 Prepare for dismissal Students will fill out behavior charts. Teacher will add any comments if necessary. Teacher will also remind of any dismissal changes. Students will pack folder and reading bag in their backpack. 2:30-3:10 Specials Monday: Library----Tuesday: Computers Wednesday: Scholastic Magazine (Reinforces Content Area) Thursday: Art-------Friday: Music 3:15 Bus Students’ Dismissal 3:20 Town Students’ Dismissal