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Mrs. McLaughlin's Family and Consumer Sciences Page

Welcome to Mrs McLaughlin's Page 

Contact Information 

School Phone: 217 742-3151 ext. 233

E-mail: kmclaughlin@winchesterschools.net 


Daily Schedule semester 1 and 2

Semester 1 Time Semester 1 Subject
Period 1 8:20-9:02 Teaching
Period 2 9:05-9:47 Clothing
Period 3 9:50-10:32 Prep
Period 4 10:35-11:17 Prep
Period 5 11:20-12:02 Consumer Education
12:02-12:32 LUNCH
Period 6 12:35-1:17 Foods and Nutrition 1
Period 6.5 1:20-1:50 Advisory
Period 7 1:53-2:35 Consumer Education
Period 8 2:38-3:20 Child Development 1
Semester 2 Time Semester 2 Subject
Period 1 8:20-9:02 Child Development 2
Period 2 9:05-9:47 Foods and Nutrition 1
Period 3 9:50-10:32 Prep
Period 4 10:35-11:17 Prep
Period 5 11:20-12:02 Consumers
12:02-12:32 LUNCH
Period 6 12:35-1:17 Foods and Nutrition 2
Period 7 1:53-2:35 Consumers
Period 8 2:38-3:20 Interior Design




Class FYI

Under each class title will be interesting or important information, projects, activities, etc. that students will be participating in during that class.

Foods and Nutrition 1

Students learn about nutrition, sanitation, safety, and food preparation.  For the nutrition section students complete a food and activity tracking project online.  In the food preparation section, students make a variety of food items to demonstrate their knowledge of cooking terms and techniques they learned in class.

Foods and Nutrition 2

This class will learn:  what spices and herbs enhance foods, how to present/garnish food, cake decorating, to serve food and set a dining table properly, explore foods from different regions of the United States, and to cook international foods.

Consumers Education

Students learn about careers, guidelines for interviews and resumes, budgets, how to reconcile a checking account, the importance of saving, investing, taxes, credit and loans.

Interior Design

Students study interior and exterior construction which is important when buying and owning a house.  They learn about design elements and principles. Lastly they use what they have learned to create and design an apartment along with other projects related to interior design.


 Students study fashion, fashion industry, develop sewing skills, and complete pillow and pajama pants projects.

Child Development 1

Students are learning about prenatal development, physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development of a child from birth to one year, and participate in a baby simulation.

Child Development 2

Students learn about theories of child development, physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development from 1 year to 6 years, and observe and gain skills at the grade school preschool.